Monday, 11 February 2013

Time to get this blog up and running!
I'm originally a tumblronian, so excuse my complete noobishness with Blogger. Here I'll be posting things to do with my music and what I'm working on currently.

At the moment, I'm focusing primarily on a self-initiated project that I've called "ProjectAries". The basic rundown is, I will be creating a piece of music for each of the Astrological Starsigns, starting with the first, Aries (where the title came from, evidently). Each piece will be based around the traits of those born under the constellations, and the star configurations can be used for melodies.

Since there are 12 starsigns, and 12 notes on a keyboard, I decided to give myself some more guidelines ... each of the pieces will be in a different key, and each of them will focus on a different interval.

For example, Aries, the first sign is in the key of A.
(Because I figured, hey. A for Aries, why not?)
And because it is the first, it focuses on the interval of 1, or an octave.

Taurus, the second is in Bb (ascending 1 semitone for each) and focuses on the interval of a minor 2nd.

I'm currently up to Gemini, and have fully completed Taurus. Aries and Gemini still have some vocal material to record and incorporate, and hopefully will be finished within the week.

The main project blog for ProjectAries is located here. I update demos of the tracks I'm working on daily.

That's it for now, stay tuned for more updates! (and let's hope I can wrap my head around this site)

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