Monday, 25 March 2013

More Development...

ProjectAries is coming along well!! I've had various roadblocks affecting my regular 1-track-per-week timeline, including uni starting again.. but I've managed to finish another 2 tracks regardless. Even if the last one did take me almost 3x the amount of time to finalise...

ProjectAries has been and is continuing to be such an amazing learning experience for me. With each track I'm improving my ability to write and get the music out, create original synths, mix more effectively and develop new ways to interpret data within the starsign and by following my guidelines for the keys and which intervals to focus on.

However, this does mean that the first tracks I made will have to be re-mastered after they've all been completed...

In any case, here are the links to the newest tracks!!

Libra - possibly my favourite of the ProjectAries tracks so far



Happy listening!

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