Wednesday, 10 July 2013


ProjectAries had now officially come to its completion!

I attended the Melbourne Comic Con on the weekend to sell my recently replicated and printed CDs, which was the whole reason I started ProjectAries in the first place. It was a big success on my part, I ended up selling 18 CDs over the whole days, handing out 30 business cards. Which is pretty good considering I was at a comic convention, had no idea what I was doing (I was tabling with my friend who was selling her art which made it a little easier), and seeing how no one knows who I am and this is my first album!

Now I guess I'll have to move onto bigger and better things... I have an idea for the next project.. I'm thinking the 7 Wonders Of The World.

In any case, all the ProjectAries tracks are online at my Soundcloud and on my Bandcamp where it's downloadable for 10 bucks!

Pretty cool stuff~

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